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High quality aviation lights, runway signs and airfield light replacement parts for airports worldwide.

At Airport Lighting Company, we stand behind our airfield light products and we stand up for our customers and the environment in which we live and work. Since 1968, we've helped thousands of Airport Lighting Company customers who rely on us daily for their aviation lighting needs.

Airport Lighting Company Customer Warranty

Airport Lighting Company's exclusive IllumiShield® Customer Warranty ensures your complete satisfaction with every aviation lighting product you purchase. Our approach is simple. Whether you need a rotating beacon or a precision approach path indicator, we're 100% dedicated to meeting your requirements. We guarantee it. If you're not happy, call us at (315) 682-6460 and we'll resolve your issue the same day.

Airport Lighting Company Cares About the Environment

Airport Lighting Company is known for the quality of our airfield lighting products, not our carbon footprint. From our efficient, energy-saving solar-powered LED obstruction lighting and recycled packaging to our powder-coated runway and taxiway light fixtures, we care about the impact we make on our world. As an aviation lighting manufacturer aware of our responsibility to protect the environment, our goal is to decrease our use of natural resources. We invite you to join us in our efforts today.