Supplying quality airfield lighting products to airports worldwide since 1967

Airport Lighting Company is a world-class supplier of high-quality airfield lighting solutions, including runway lights, approach systems, and power and control systems. We use tech-based design, build, and testing processes that keep our products consistently meeting or exceeding industry standards.

Our mission is to always provide our customers with additional value and a service experience that builds trusted long-term relationships.

Creating Value Through Partnerships

Airport Lighting Company takes pride in serving our customers’ airfield lighting and navigational aids needs with quality durable products. We also prioritize creating an exceptional customer service experience at every interaction. Our experts take the time to listen to your project requirements, make product and configuration recommendations, and deliver a solution that optimizes construction scheduling.

We’re more than just lighting suppliers – Airport Lighting Company acts as partners genuinely invested in your success.

Rigorous Product Quality Assurance Testing

Product performance and reliability are non-negotiable when airfield safety is on the line. Our products meet the standards set by the FAA, ICAO, and TP312 and are ETL-certified through third-party testing. Before shipment, each product is put through a multi-step quality control process, including hours of testing before any certification label is placed on the product.

This process will ensure the installer and the end user of the highest level of product performance.

Expert Technical Support

Airport Lighting Company provides expert guidance throughout the lifecycle of your project – and beyond. When you need help with any of our products, call our 24-hour hotline at 1-866-212-1060 or press the below button for live support from one of our expert technicians. We’re here to help whenever you need us.


100% Satisfaction


All Airport Lighting Company LED products come with a four-year warranty in accordance with US FAA requirements per Engineering brief 67 for LEDs and LED components. We also offer a standard warranty for products sold under other governing bodies that protect you against mechanical, electrical, or physical defects for one year after the date of installation or two years from the date of shipment from our plant.

This guarantee applies to all products that were installed and used in accordance with factory, FAA, and ICAO recommendations and have not been damaged due to negligence or force majeure. Please refer to our standard terms and conditions and return policy or ask us for further details.

Investing in Our People

Our talented people are the heart of our company. We believe that treating our engineers, technicians, production team, salespeople, and admin staff well results in better products, enhanced customer service, and responsive support. That’s why our leadership invests in our employees to help them have successful, rewarding careers that include a comprehensive benefits package, competitive wages, ongoing training, and opportunities for advancement.

Many of our salespeople, tech support and engineers have been with us for decades. No matter when you call us, a live staff member will always answer the phone and treat you with the courtesy and respect you deserve.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Airport Lighting Company is committed to global environmental sustainability. We operate with the conservation and preservation of natural resources as one of our primary guiding principles in every facet of product development and delivery.

For example, our unique production and finishing processes eliminate the need to use heavy metals and solvents. Also, our packaging is designed to produce a minimum of field waste, and we never use materials that might create hazards on airfields during construction.

Our company remains committed to employing environmentally sustainable practices to help create a more livable world for future generations.

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