benchtop Constant Current Regulator

Maintenance professionals will find this handy CCR a long-awaited addition to the shop for testing airfield lighting equipment. Relatively light weight at 74lbs, the 828HC is an easy to use testing tool able to handle 3-step, 5-step or a combined 7-step circuit simulation. Power up into any 120V, 15A or 20A outlet and you are ready to start testing. With up to a 500W range, the 828HC allows for some of the largest equipment to be connected using the factory installed L823 Type 1 primary connectors for use with standard L830 isolation transformers. The 828HC offers a fully digital readout with onboard software that provides an extensive range of necessary readings.  With safety in mind at all times, a safety interlock disconnects output power when the cabinet door is opened and features oil and grease resistant rubber feet to prevent shifting on the bench surface. The 828HC is ready for “plug and play” operation. Every airfield maintenance shop should have an 828HC.

Our new benchtop (828HC), mobile Ferroresonant Constant Current Regulator (CCR) is designed to offer maximum convenience, safety and versatility for field maintenance operations when airfield lights and flashing equipment such as strobes and guard lights are needed to be tested to meet FAA ETL performance criteria.

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