L-868 Light Base Load Bearing


 FAA: AC 150/5345-42 (Current Edition); Size: A=10”, B=12”, C=15” 


 Load bearing light bases are designed for locations which experience aircraft and other heavy vehicular loading. The base typically supports an in-pavement light fixture and houses a powering isolation transformer. It can also be used solely as a junction box or transformer housing. 

Key Features

 Base galvanized to ASTM A386 

Sturdy installation ensured with (12) 3/8”-16 equally spaced, tapped holes located over conduit openings 

Conduit openings (minimum 2) are located 180º apart and 2.5” up from bottom (various sizes and locations are available) 

Protective plug installed in threaded hubs 

Flex Connex Grommets are shipped separately 

Ground straps available: internal, external or both 


Standard stocked heights (other heights available: 


– AC24242Q200303 

– AC24242H200303 


– AC35242Q200303 

– AC35242H200303 

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