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Catalog Data Sheet (PDF)

 FAA: L-821 Type III AC 150/5345-3 (Current Edition) 

 ICAO: Annex 14, Volume I 

 ICAO: Aerodrome Design Manual, Part 5 

 Canada: Transport Canada Aerodrome Standards TP312 

 UFC 3-535-3 

 NAVAIR 51-50AAA-2

 The L-821 Airport Lighting Control Panel is used to control various airport lighting and auxiliary systems. The Type I panels use conventional rotary, toggle, or push-button switches that operates a familiar and reliable method of controlling the airport lighting. 

 High-quaility package with economical cost of entry 

Availability of rotary, toggle, or push button switches ensures flexibility in design and implementation 

Screwless terminal block connections ensure ease of install and remove the need to verify tightening torque 

 Fully customized control panel tailored to your airport 

On-site commissioning available 

Design control in accordance with ISO 9001:2015