L-890 ALCMS Encompass


Certified to FAA AC 150/5345-56 (Current Edition)

ICAO Annex 14, Vol. 1

ICAO Aerodrome Design Manual, Part 5

Certificate of Conformance (CoC)

The ALCMS simplifies the control and monitoring of lighted visual aids and enhances airport safety. The basic function of the system remains the same whether for a general aviation airport that supports only a few operations in a day or a large commercial airport which caters to hundreds of operations on any given day.

Key Features

● Preprogrammed Preset Failsafe that can be reconfigured in the field

● Capable of individually controlling each of the airport lighting circuit elements.

● Customizable touch screen(s) graphics dependent upon individual airport requirements and options

● Support of redundant communication networks including: Single Mode Fiber (SM), Multi Mode Fiber (MM), Wireless RF, Hardwire

● Control of non-Regulator elements such as Beacons, Wind Cones, Generators, and ATS

● Customizable RVR Presets

● Open architecture allows for simple integration of off-the-shelf replacement parts

● Future-proof system design that is easily expandable

● Real-time monitoring with extensive alarm and reporting capabilities

● Secure Transfer of Control from station-to-station is ensured by a grant/deny request system

● Variable parameters for each circuit and device include on-delay, soft start, monitoring, and alarming

● Available integration of L-854/ARCAL and/or photo-cell

● Robust industrial PLC backbone

● Offers programmable preset buttons to automate common procedures

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