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Catalog Data Sheet (PDF)

L-828/L-829 AC 150/5345-10 (Current Edition)

Monitoring according to AC 150/5345-10 (Current Edition)

The switchgear regulator cell fits into a switchgear line up. Switchgear regulators allow a smaller installation footprint, minimize down time and ease of connection to other vital airport systems such as ALCMS. Supplies three or five precision output currents to power airfield series lighting circuits.

● L-828 or L-829 Switchgear cells available

● Class 1 or Class 2* availability for 6.6A or 20A circuits

● Air cooled

● Maximum efficiency power factor

● Dedicated raceways for control and power

● Easy Installation and Operation

● Built in IRMS availability

● Internal S -1 Cutout availability

● 3 or 4 bus availability, up to 65kAIC

To order a Switchgear Regulator System contact the Airport Lighting Company Sales Department – (315) 682-6460