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Catalog Data Sheet (PDF)

Certified to FAA AC 15/5345-44 (Current Edition)
FAA Engineering Brief No. 67

  • Easily replace traditional L-858 signs
  • Each module is mounted on an evenly spaced pair of legs
  • Slip-flanges hold the legs secure with almost no gap in the assembly
  • Environmental forces are shared by legs and cabinet, and not concentrated on hardware
  • Each rounded face if made from expertly formed acrylic
  • Size 1 & 2 signs available with optional Herculens panel (Herculens panels come factory installed on size 3 D-Lux signs)
  • Legend panels are connected by translucent panel joints, which are welded together with adhesive and additionally reinforced with stainless steel hardware
  • Every module features a top that is designed to easily guide the edge of the panels into place when it is replaced after re-lamping, and is fixed to the sign with 2 turn fasteners – no tools are required for re-lamping
  • Base model brightness controls use technology that has been proven for years in the field