SKU: L862(L)

L-862 (L) High Intensity LED Light


Certified to FAA AC 150/5345-46 (Current Edition)
FAA Engineering Brief No. 67

Manuals & Technical Specifications
Certificate of Conformance (CoC)

Runway Edge, Threshold, Displaced Threshold, Threshold/End, Displaced Threshold Precision IFR Runways

Key Features
  • LEDs with expected life in excess of 56,000 hours.
  • Light clarity ensured for years with glass lens. 
  • Dimmable to FAA intensity curve from 2.8 amp to 6.6 amps.
  • Bidirectional fixtures use 65W, unidirectional fixtures use 45W
  • Plug and Know circuit design. Dynamic controller senses the attached light engines, allowing for greater service flexibility.
  • Daytime recognition provided on lens retainers.
  • Leveling surface and sighting cross on cap eliminates the need for an aiming device.
  • Fixture surface area designed to meet LED thermal requirements.
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