SKU: L-893-L-RCM-D

L-893 (L) RCM-D Runway Closure Marker


Compliant with Standards:
FAA: AC 150/5345-55 (Current Edition);FAA: AC 150/5370-2 (Current Edition) NTSB Safety Recommendation A-03-05


This Hali-Brite RCM-D Runway Closure Marker is an effective method to warn pilots of closed runways and taxiways

Key Features
  • Easily set up by one person in 2-3 minutes, without tools
  • 3 year/3000 hour engine warranty
  • Four folding arms open to 14 foot length
  • 20 LED lamps deliver over 70,000 candelas at beam center
  • Visible 10-25 miles from runway under VFR
  • Selectable brightness levels to suit environmental conditions
  • Photocell dimming for night operation
  • Four rear-mounted lamps allow visual monitoring from rear side
  • Powered by a three-cylinder, liquid cooled Mitsubishi diesel engine and Marathon brushless generator
  • Operates 140 hours between fuel fills
  • Highway towable with a standard 2” hitch coupler
  • 2200 pound, DOT compliant trailer
  • 4 swivel leveling jacks
  • Adjustable light beam angle
  • Optional rear hitch, allows tandem towing of 2 units
  • Optional cover

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